Junior Action Plan

From Model HS.

Help Me...I’m CLUELESS!!

OK, just take a deep breath and relax. A little.

Your junior year is a very important time for you, and there are lots of things you need to make sure you take care of before you begin your senior year. This is the year you really need to get it together and grow up. Responsibility for MANY tasks is about to fall on your shoulders, and you need to be ready.


So, make one. Here are some things to consider and double check:

  • If you even THINK you might go to college, you need to take the ACT in April or June. Go to www.actstudent.org to get more info.

  • Make sure you have taken rigorous coursework (for HOPE) and have a decent GPA. If you haven’t done as well as you would like, it’s not too late to FIX IT!!!

  • Time Management will be your friend, or your enemy. Choose well.

  • If you have not done some meaningful community service or volunteering, you need to get on this! Get involved with a club or two and try to be a leader. A laundry list of 10 clubs you have "tried" does NOT make you well-rounded or the kind of student colleges are looking for.

  • Make sure your www.GACollege411.org account is up to date. Your username should be your lunch#last name and your password should be your lunch# (12345wear/12345). This is VERY important!

  • Do some research on schools you are interested in. Find out their admissions requirements and make a list of your top choices. You need at least three.

  • Start saving money. College Apps are expensive!! So is college, so start researching Financial Aid. My site may help.

  • Begin a personal resumé. You will need this when you fill out your Senior Activity Sheet next year. This is how I will write any recommendations you request.

  • Start a Scholarship Search. Look on the MHS site under GUIDANCE for Scholarship Info.

  • Do an online search for a “High School Junior Checklist” and pick one you like. Print it out and FOLLOW IT!!

  • Through all of this, please don’t forget to have fun. There is a balance you have to achieve, and you CAN do this!!

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