Suggestions About Taking Exams
Learn about the test you will take

All testing programs provide detailed information about their tests, including dates and location of testing sites. You can also get information about the purpose, academic preparation suggested and scoring format. Test publishers provide sample tests and information on preparing for their exams. Students should take practice tests several weeks before the actual test date.

Prepare for the Test

Consistent long-term preparation is of much greater value than last minute cramming. The best preparation for examinations is course-work related to the test and systematic reviews. Students are encouraged to enroll in review courses or workshops that might be offered by the school or nearby colleges. Students should find out how the test is scored, know whether it is advantageous to guess or whether guessing is penalized in scoring.

Start the Test Day Right

It is essential that students get a good night's sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast. Studies have shown that a meal containing protein will provide a steady level of nutritional support during testing.

Plan to arrive at the testing site early enough to settle down and organize materials

Be sure to have proper identification, the admission ticket, a watch, 2 pencils with erasers, and a calculator.